Property Management

Property Management is our main focus. We provide full range of property services to its international and local clients. It comprises of:



Lease administration Financial management Accounting and administration

Legal management Fit-out works co-ordination Facility Management

For BNP Paribas RE APM Hungary, property management means paying equal attention to client and tenant needs alike. We are always keen on preserving the value of the properties of our clients and strive to provide cost-efficient services to satisfy the owner. Also, we serve our tenants by continuously improving the quality of services and equipment.


Management services include but are not limited to the following:

Maximizing the net income of the property by using well defined and efficient rent collection procedures
Management of all lease agreements
Management of all Tenant demands, and also Landlord / Tenant relationship
Advertising and space commercialisation
Careful tenant screening
Negotiating leases
Planning, budgeting and streamlining costs and service charges
Accurate record-keeping of income and expenses; and comprehensive, comparative monthly financial statements
Coordinating and supervising of all necessary subcontractors
Professional advisory services during the planning and construction phase
Professional due diligence process
Managing environmental issues
Assisting in legal issues


We speak one language and our goals are the same as yours

To improve the performance of your real estate portfolio
To increase rental income of your properties
To maintain the quality of construction of your buildings
To optimize the cost-structure of your investments
To provide best-quality services to your tenants
To provide individual reporting to international standards

Transaction | Valuation | Research and Consulting

 Regarding TransactionValuation, Consulting and Research BNP Paribas Real Estate Hungary provides services through its alliance partner, Robertson Hungary.