• Valuation for accounting purposes

Appraisals in accordance with national and international accounting standards (IFRS/IAS). Present your recorded fair values for financial investments and property and equipment items in accordance with national and international accounting standards in a professional manner using recognised valuation methods – with the help of our experienced property appraisers!

  • Valuation for transaction purposes

Certainty for your decisions through skilled analysis. Your capital is at stake – and so is your impending, far-reaching decision. Acquisitions and sales require conscientious due diligence processes that make reliable statements on the property, the market and the development potential. You can rely on our real estate appraisers for this!

  • Valuation for performance monitoring

Receive reliable findings on the performance of your properties. Provide investors and financial institutions with the professional valuations they require. To this end use the regular reports issued by our real estate appraisers that take account of all required standards.

  • Valuation for loan / mortgage security

Put your credit decisions on a secure footing. The equity capital requirements under Basel III and Solvency II are constantly increasing – independent valuation reports are now the key to granting and managing credit. To cover your needs, opt to use our external real estate appraisers in our Valuation Services business line.

  • Valuation for legal and fiscal reasons

Dedicated assessment of market value and current value. Do you want a well-founded valuation for your property? Our real estate appraisals of current values are drafted on the basis of national standards and international standards (IFRS/IAS) – the perfect basis for your correspondence with the authorities!

  • Rental value estimate

Fair market rents – assessed by experienced property valuers. What rent should you charge for your commercial property? What will give you a good return but still be acceptable to tenants? Rely on our experienced real estate appraisers to determine the appropriate rent level in line with market requirements.

BNP Paribas Real Estate Hungary provides Valuation services through its alliance partner, Robertson Hungary.